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Pump out the Water in Your Flooded Crawlspace

It can be tough to remove water from a flooded crawl space after a heavy rainfall, especially if you do not have the right equipment. This necessary equipment often includes a pump, wet-dry vacuum, heavy fans and a large dehumidifier. It may also require special equipment to wear, like work gloves, face masks, and more since older homes tend to have asbestos in their crawl space insulation and ductwork. 

Do You Need Professional Flood Removal Services?

There are various benefits of utilizing a professional cleaning and restoration team when emptying out your flooded crawl space, as opposed to trying to use DIY methods. These include: 

  • Professionals have all the necessary equipment, which you may not have. 
  • Professionals have dealt with these situations before, which means they will work more quickly and efficiently since they are used to this type of job.
  • Professionals will be able to assure that all the water is gone, which is important so that you do not grow mold, or cause long-term damage to the foundation of your home. 
  • You will not be exposing yourself to any harmful substances that may be in the water, or any debris that the flooding caused.

Always Spotless, Always Superior

Superior Cleaning Solutions is here for you in the event of any and every cleaning emergency. We understand that things like flooding are almost always unexpected, which is why we are open and available to our customers 7 days a week. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously, which is why we also give a fast and rapid response. 

  • Contact us today at 443-399-2328 and we would be happy to restore your crawl space as soon as possible. 


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  • “I can not say enough about this company!!! Very nice people that were so thorough and neat! They cleaned out my dryer vent and I could not believe how much lint they got out of it!!! I literally could have had a fire and I can sleep a lot better now that it’s cleaned out! Highly recommend this company”

    – Cathy W

  • “I was very pleased with this service and the young man was very professional and was very caring. He did an excellent job for me that I want him back when ever I used this service again, Thanks very much”

    – Sweetie S.

  • “Excellent service!! My uncle had serval stains to his carpet. The young man that came out was very professional. He showed up on time and was done within 2 hours. The carpet appears almost new. He gave us wonderful and useful advise. I will use them again.”

    – Pamela McMichael

  • “Very professional and caring of my property. The service was explained in full and did an excellent job. I am extremely satisfied with the service that was performed. I will recommend them to family and friends.”

    – Dave M.

  • “They arrived on time, 2 nice young guys did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend and plan on having them come back later to do another job.”

    – Diane K.

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